152: My Silver Lining

Image courtesy of Catherine Frawley -  Borrowed Light

Image courtesy of Catherine Frawley - Borrowed Light

Okay admittedly, 2016 has been a bit of a shocker BUT there were some pretty mega highlights sprinkled into the year AND it's made for good reflective fodder.

Here's the teeny tiny things Lady B has learned or tried to reinforce in 2016:

- be bold Lady B; sometimes it pays off. Every now and again you have to jump, you have to hope the wings will appear, and if they don't, hell! you've probably got a pretty strong safety net below to catch you. 

- have hope Lady B; it seems futile sometimes but most of the time, it's what makes us human. Have hope it'll work, it'll be okay, it'll happen. Because what's the alternative? 

- be kind always, Lady B; you really don't know what the other person is going through; what struggle, what dialogue, what pain. Sure, you probably got -5 hours sleep and Mini B has had three meltdowns already today, but still, the thing we can always do, whatever the weather and to whomever is, be kind. 

- listen to your gut because it's normally right Lady B; our hearts are our wants and our heads the need. The gut balances us out. Listen. 

Image courtesy of Catherine Frawley -  Borrowed Light

Image courtesy of Catherine Frawley - Borrowed Light

- take better care of your health Lady B; it's the most priceless commodity you have. Don't wait. Don't wonder. Don't ignore. Don't be an ostrich. 

- don't be an ostrich, Lady B - ha. Stop burying your head; it won't make any difference it won't make it go away and it won't help. 

- set goals Lady B, however small; I'm talking making it to the post office in one piece with or without Mini B's matching shoes. They'll be the tiny miracles, the tiny achievements you never thought you'd be able to achieve. 

- people will never fail to surprise you, Lady B. Don't let this shake you. 

- appreciate it all, Lady B; the big moments, the small moments, and the in between moments. 

- keep believing in the good of people; people might make you think differently Lady B (and this year has been testament to that) but hold on to your belief - it's what makes you, you. 

- love, Lady B. And love some more. And when you feel like you can't love anymore, love anyway. 

- everything will be okay, Lady B. 

And with that, 2016 is best summarised by Mama Acorn's constant phrase; "BUT Becky, what's the silver lining? I bet you there is one." 

Leaving 2016 with all the hope as a teeny tiny little cloud hovers over, and so may that hope push it away and win through. 

Come on 2017... 

Be good and bake well,

Lady Bakewell-Park

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