139: Keeping your head up

Lady B is a great believer that we all readily prepare ourselves for January to be a bit crapola, but have high hopes for February. And yet, when February comes and turns out to be as crapola as January... Then there's miles of disappointment and the even greater hope for March. Ya, there's been a bit of this going on in our world, but not so much that we can't see all the delightful, glorious silver linings; they are there, and it's always worth remembering, they will always be there. YES.

For now though, this little blogpost is just that; little. I don't want to list any events or woes of the past month, but instead to touch on one little thing, or more, the importance of one little thing. It's cliche, especially given that it's February, but it's not in the way you think. Lady B wants to talk about love. I want to talk about love that isn't your conventional "fall in love". I want to talk about a love that transcends that; I want to talk about friendship and love. It has been a month when for Lady B, what has mattered the most is her friends. They've been there even when I didn't know they were, and incidentally, I've been there too. This blogpost is a special little shout out to whom Lady B's LOVE knows no bounds for your friendship is beyond appreciated (I speak of Mama Acorn, Lady Literate, Lady Spelling Bee, Lady Peanut Irish, Lady Two Birds, Lady Magnificent Stanley, amongst others) BUT it's in special dedication to the darling Lady Cupcake.

For a month that throws "love" around fairly freely, it came to Lady B's attention just how incredibly powerful it can be in the less romantic sense. Love between friends, between siblings that are friends, is palpable. It's a bond that is unshakeable. It is in fact, the one thing that really drives me to do the whole baby thing all over again; that bond I have with Sister Sugared Almond is really something priceless. She is a person that makes me question myself and can also make me proud of myself; she will answer my call at any time of day, and regardless, she will always (annoyingly but necessary) tell me exactly what I SHOULD hear, not what I WANT to hear. Priceless.
Lady Cupcake, this blogpost is for you; to tell you that we will answer the phone at any time of day. May you know that love transcends even the hardest of impenetrable space and time continuums, that regardless of it being day or night, winter or summer, love - sibling love - is cloaking your every movement. It's a piece of your heart that will forever be shroud in a little ounce of absolute genuine strength, survival spirit, and downright beautiful resilience. And know that your friends, that love that isn't covered in romance but rather fond favour and delightful choice, are right behind you, every step of the way. Always.

And so, as we see out February, where Valentines Day wrapped us all up in a hope of love and where I celebrated Galentine's Day with Lady Two Birds (always your Galentine, my darling girl), Lady B leaves you with a song that captures the love of friendship.

Be good, Lady B Believers - and LOVE - as well as baking well,

Lady Bakewell-Park

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