140: Run the world (Girls)

*A little NB: Lady B wrote this blogpost on Tuesday evening in readiness to post on Wednesday evening. Little did I know that I would really need to heed my own advice that I give at the closing, because on Wednesday evening Lady B sadly didn't get around to leisurely posting my blog, but instead, ended up in a little hospital trip with Mini B. Our first errand to the big H with the mini one (and not even with Lord B for he too is poorly), I am a little stunned and super tired, but mostly reminding myself that not only did we all survive it, we bloody owned it and yeah, I got this. If only Lady B could "get it" in ANY of the outfits that Bey rocks in the video, also at the closing of this blogpost. SIGH.  

(And footnote: Mini B is a superstar rockstar baby who is not quite fighting fit but fighting all the same, and Mother's Day this year has a whole new meaning, mostly that I couldn't rock this motherhood thing without my Mother Mooncake. She is an absolutely wondrously amazing woman who defines the terms of motherhood for me. I'm also pretty sure she never reads my blog.) 

It's Lady B's second Mother's Day, and last year, when Mother's Day fell a bit later, we had just got back from a two week trip to Malaysia (see blogpost here to re-live THOSE memories!). I've been feeling super nostalgic for that trip which, for all intents and purposes was incredibly difficult but silver lined with awesomeness. It was as well, the last time Lady B saw her grandmother, or as we call her, Pati. Now, I hear that word everyday for Mini B refers to my Mother Mooncake as her Pati. It's reassuring and comforting, and just oh so deliciously warm to have that echo around the hallways. It doesn't however, make me miss my Pati any less. Truth be told, my Pati and I don't converse too much; she speaks Tamil as her first language and speaks very little English, or at least, that's what she wants you to think... I am a firm believer she understands more English than she likes to let on, and can speak way more than she tells anyone. Regardless, the language barrier means we don't have hour long phone conversations in spite of the geographical divide. It also means that really, we don't know each other that well I guess - I mean, Mother Mooncake regales every detail of what Mini B and I have been up to, but y'know, it's not the same relationship that Mini B will end up having with her Pati. And yet, she's still MY Pati; she's my only living grandparent now, Lady B bestowed great grandparent status upon her (BOOM to me) and she's quite frankly, the bees knees. I adore her even though I see her maybe every three to five years, speak maybe every three to five months, and can barely say three to five words without us both having a giggling fit. 

From where Lady B was in the whole motherhood realm this time last year, to where she is today, literally feels like a lifetime ago. It's a bit bonkers how much happens and changes in the first year of being a mum, and yet how often we go "gosh that went pretty fast". Being in Malaysia I remember feeling shaky and unconvinced of my abilities - and not just as a mother, but just as as human - a girl! I was mother, wife, and ummm me? I was feeding maybe four hourly still, and yet made a point of making sure I sneaked a lychee martini in at happy hour whilst Mini B was snoozing. She slept in the Sleepyhead between Lord B and I in what was possibly - and thankfully - the biggest double bed I've ever seen, whilst we watched a movie quietly before I fed her and got maybe three hours sleep. My body was not my own, my time was not my own, and yet where was that lychee martini?! 

Landing home and heading straight into Mother's Day was a literal "high five" to myself for having survived the biggest challenge yet; I got to see MY Mother Mooncake and I was HOME, where I *assumed* I was at my best mothership practices. Turns out, a year on, doesn't really matter WHERE I am, or what guise I fall under (mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend), all I needed was a bit of confidence and a "you got this" reminder to actually, y'know, get it.

So, yes I'm celebrating Mother's Day with my Mother Mooncake again this year, and Mini B of course. However, unlike last year, Lady B is happily in the kitchen and this year, in case you didn't know, 15% of my profits from the Mama Day Shop is going to The Eve Appeal; a cancer charity that devotes it's time and research to the five gynaecological cancers. They are the only cancer charity to do this. March is also Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. Some people have of course, asked me WHY I'm donating to EVE. For me, it's all about finding a cure - for cancer - in any form. Right? And for Mother's Day, it seemed fitting to me that we donate to a charity that helps women and the organs that help us to recreate life. 

I guess what Lady B is rambling on about and trying to make a point of in this 'ere blogpost is that women, GIRLS, we do actually run the world. Like, really. Mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, whatever wonderful GIRL type category YOU fall under, you're really darn fantastic. Find that confidence, harvest it, and moreover, believe in it. Because a year later, you'll sit back and go "jeez, I did that, I survived that - no I didn't just survive it, I owned it". 


Happy Mother's Day, Lady B Believers. Who run the world? Girls. 

Be good and bake well,

Lady Bakewell-Park