171: I Should Be So Lucky

All Images:  Catherine Frawley

All Images: Catherine Frawley

When The Design Museum emailed me, I remember thinking: “shit, I best reply quickly before they realise they’ve got the wrong person.”

Imposter syndrome has been real. More than that, it’s been mega, it’s been so genuine it’s been all encompassing. I can not tell you how many times I have doubted myself, the idea I came up with, and my place in all of it. So much so, I think it’s fair to say that “paranoia” became my middle name and I questioned even if my best friend was ignoring me when she didn’t instantly reply to my messages - it snowballed far and wide.

It is - after the sad tale of an independent retailer approaching me and then falling through at the eleventh hour - the next biggest thing to happen to LBP in terms of recognition.

The many routine hours, days, weeks I put in of dropping Mini B at pre-shcool, heading to the kitchen, baking, icing, stamping, packing, dropping at the couriers, collecting Mini B… eat sleep repeat, are suddenly so validated when someone you admire says “oh hey what you’re doing is great, let’s work together”.

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 21.06.14.png

I realise to many what I do is “just biscuits”, or even as Mini B told her class when they asked what job her Mummy has: “biscuits and brownies”. But for me, it’s a creative outlook where I find myself in the throws of icing sugar making something I hope will bring joy to someone else. They are so much more than “just biscuits” to me. They are a birthday treat, a new baby high five, a chin up gift, a warm hug encased in sugar. They are products of my own fair hands that I lovingly put together and send out, hoping the recipient feels the same genuine warmth I had when I made them. I try my absolute utmost to do everything I can to make them tiny little small pieces of art, whilst also tasting pretty damn good (this is not easy, I gotta tell ya).

They are so much more than “just biscuits”.

And they are also the way my daughter sees me: when I put her to bed some nights she snuggles into me and whispers; “mmmmm mummy you smell like biscuits”.

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 15.22.56.png

To have been invited to design a biscuit for The Design Museum’s 30th Birthday - and then asked to make more than what was originally requested because they love my design so much - was really quite something else and something I really hadn’t prepared myself for.

Imposter. Syndrome.

But at what point do you stand back and go: no no this is ME, I did this - I’m not an imposter.

It’s when those closest to you make you believe it.

And without them, no biscuit would be possible either. Big props to those humans who have given me all the boosts, support and kick-up-the-arse’s when I’ve needed it these past few weeks.

Here’s to that Game Boy that was so memorable in my childhood and now immortalised into an LBP biscuit.

Be good and bake well,

Lady Bakewell-Park