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The New Life Gift Box

The New Life Gift Box


Someone you know popped a small human out? I can gaurantee those new parents need some biscuits for all the caffeine they'll be drinking.

Sayings can be personalised and include:

Congrats New Parents

Sleep is for the Weak

Welcome to the World *enter name* / * enter date* 

Gift a sweet treat in the classic circle scalloped biscuit or the square scalloped biscuit in whatever colour you'd like, in the sweet signature LBP shortbread biscuit. 

(You are able to select shape and colour once gift box is added to basket.)

Each box contains 12 biscuits.


All words are printed in capitals only

Orders take up to 7 working days to dispatch.  

If you opt for Royal Mail, please be aware this is NOT a guaranteed service.


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