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Will we get diabetes? Perhaps. But a small price to pay for LBP's. Gordan, London
They were absolutely perfect, everyone loved them. I couldn’t recommend LBP more! Estee-Lauder
Ordered these for my friend when she had a baby; she said it was the perfect sugar fix! Katrina, Brentwood
They were an absolute hit with the team! Snapchat Co Ltd
I. Can't. Stop. Eating. Them. Tom, Bath
We really appreciate you putting together the order so quickly for us. They look incredible. Bloomsbury Publishing
There are biscuits, and then there are Lady B biscuits! YUM. Greg, Manchester
They looked gorgeous and went down very well! BDB Pitmans Ltd
I ordered these for my wife and she said they were the best gift I've ever given her! James, Belfast
Oh my they are incredible! It was so wonderful to work together on this. Holly & Co, NOTHS

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